We are delighted to announce that Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health is one of VicHealth’s new Big Connect partners as part of their Future Healthy initiative and we are bringing WayOut, our LGBTIQA+ program for young people, to Sunbury.

What is The Big Connect?

The Big Connect is a $5 million investment, funding 27 programs to create 100,000+ new social connections.  Social connection is so important for mental wellbeing, especially for young people who are finding their way and taking steps towards their big bright futures.  It’s been a tough time for many young people in Victoria with the opportunities for social connection being interrupted in a big way.  That’s why VicHealth launched The Big Connect – to deliver what young people have told them they want and need.

Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health will create safe and affirming opportunities for LGBTIQA+ young people in Sunbury to establish meaningful social connections.  We will work collaboratively with young people, their families, schools, council, local organisations and businesses to help them feel connected and supported within their schools and the broader community.

For  more information about WayOut click here.