Some of our clients may have been asked to fill in a survey to help us improve our services at Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health.  The information below will tell you everything you need to know about the survey.

What is the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey?

The Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) is a survey of Victorians’ experiences with public healthcare.

The survey results will help the Department of Health and health services improve the quality and safety of different services.

Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health is taking part in the VHES community health questionnaire, to gather feedback on clients’ experiences in certain settings over the last six months.

What kind of information does the survey gather?

Through the survey, clients can share their thoughts on:

  • how easy it was to find the health service and make an appointment
  • the healthcare environment
  • how well they were listened to during their appointment/care
  • the healthcare workers they interacted with
  • if their individual needs were considered during their healthcare
  • the referrals the healthcare service made
  • the overall care they received.

Who should fill in the survey?

Not all clients will need to fill in the survey, only clients who have used certain services in the past six months.  You do not have to fill in the survey if you do not want to.  You can ask one of our staff members, a friend, family member or a carer to help you fill in the survey.

How will clients fill in the survey?

Clients will have received an email if they have used certain Sunbury and Cobaw Community services in the last six months.  There will also be posters at our sites with a QR code for clients to scan and fill in the survey.

Will the survey be translated?

The survey will be available in English and 23 other languages.

Will survey answers be kept private?

The survey is anonymous, you do not have to say who you are.  Your survey answers will only be used by Sunbury and Cobaw Community Health and the Department of Health to improve healthcare.  The answers you give will never be used to identify you.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact the survey hotline on 1800 356 928 from 12pm – 8pm, Monday – Friday.