Our inclusive theatre company, BoilOver Performance Ensemble, are back with their highly acclaimed production of ‘The Birds’.

This short piece of work responds to the very human experiences of searching for freedom from the cages we find ourselves in.

During this 60-minute performance, you will roam the Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy birdwatching and listening as performers from BoilOver and 5AngryMen appear and reappear, joyfully flock and disperse guiding you into the main stage for a performance finale.

The performance will feature a striking sound world of birdcalls played by the BoilOver artists on Alon Ilsar and Ciaran Frame’s accessible gestural musical phone app, AirTune.  Wearing smartphones, each BoilOver artist’s unique movements will allow them to trigger different birdcalls of their choosing. Performers will also be wearing in-ear monitoring technology allowing for live direction and spontaneous happenings throughout the event.

The Birds blends dance, physical performance, circus arts and AI technology to create a compelling audio-visual work.

Sunday 7 April 2024
Edinburgh Gardens, Alfred Crescent, North Fitzroy

This free event is wheelchair accessible.

This event is being held as part of an afternoon of free performances to celebrate and acknowledge World Autism Awareness Day in Yarra City.

Learn more about BoilOver

Contact us if you are interested in being part of this production, or you want to come along one week to see if BoilOver is for you.

Call 9744 4455 or email boilover@scchc.org.au.

You can also follow BoilOver on their Facebook page.