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Wendi Hobbins

General Manager, Aged Care, Disability & Clinical Services

 Wendi has spent almost two decades in general management roles in the Community Health sector.  Inspired by the incredible stories, tragedies and resilience of the diverse clients and colleagues she’s worked with, she has a passion for equity and access rights for vulnerable and migrant communities.  Her experience spans clinical portfolios including nursing & allied health programs, oral health, aged care, GP’s and drug and alcohol services.  She also has extensive experience in strategic planning, quality, risk management and business development.  Her work at North Richmond Community Health included establishing Victoria’s first medically supervised Injecting room.  Before entering the health sector, Wendi had project and management roles at the University of Melbourne, Boating Industry Association, City of Melbourne and ran a small business.  She has a Social and Environmental policy degree and a Master of Knowledge Management.