Ros Stevens

Ros commenced her association with Sunbury Community Health as a Family and Financial Counsellor in 1983. She was appointed Chief Executive Officer in 1986. Back then, Sunbury Community Health was a small but vibrant organisation, located in a new building on the corner of Horne Street and Gap Road. The organisation featured a multidisciplinary structure, which was able to provide a multitude of programs specifically targeted at addressing community needs. Some of the programs that were highlights for Ros were ‘The One Stop Body Shop’, ‘Women’s Days’, ‘Family Camps’ and an amazing youth production called ‘Lots of Love John and Betty’. The philosophy of the organisation was to provide the best care for the residents of Sunbury and Bulla. Ros played an instrumental role in the many innovative programs conceived and delivered, which resulted in a substantial increase in funding, the ability to employ new staff and to continue the growth of the organisation. In 2000, Ros managed the relocation of the organisation to Macedon Street, liaising with all levels of government and the community. Ros was awarded Life Governorship in 2010 for her vision, leadership and passion for the organisation.