How to apply for jobs with us

All applications must include a cover letter, resume and a document addressing the key selection criteria.

Applications are to be forwarded to the nominated contact, no later than the specified closing date.

Key selection criteria

Addressing key selection criteria

When applying for a position, the key selection criteria are a way for the selection panel to find out more information about your experience, skills and qualifications suitable to the role. Addressing key selection criteria provides you with the opportunity to answer specific criteria, demonstrating your suitability to a position. Your response to the selection criteria is assessed by the recruitment panel, and determines your shortlisting for interview.

Where do I find the key selection criteria?

The key selection criteria are clearly outlined in the position description, and applicants need to provide a least a paragraph demonstrating how they meet each one.

Do I have to address the key selection criteria?

Yes. An application that does not include a document addressing the key selection criteria may not be considered.