Join us on Tuesday 2 August 2022 as we raise awareness of the impact of homelessness on our community.  We are hosting a free lunch in Kyneton to mark Homelessness Week which runs from 1 to 7 August.

Homelessness Week aims to raise awareness through national and local community events, providing information on the importance of affordable housing as a solution as well as educating communities on how they can make a difference.

In Australia there are over 116,000 people experiencing homelessness on any given night and in our region we are seeing an increase in housing insecurity.  This can result in people ending up sleeping rough, staying with friends or sleeping in their car.

For details of how we can help you if you are at risk of homelessness, see our housing support page or download a copy of our brochure.

Joins us:

Tuesday 2 August – 12pm to 1pm

Mechanics Institute, 81 Mollison Street, Kyneton