We are excited to have received support from the Sunbury & Bulla Neighbourhood Fund to redevelop the playground at our Sunbury site.

The design has been developed by a working party made up of Sunbury and Cobaw Community facilities staff, child and youth health clinicians and the Our Village Family Daycare team.

The grant of $109,275 will help us create a beautiful fully-enclosed space that incorporates natural materials such as rocks, plants, water and sand.  As well as engaging play equipment that will help develop gross motor skills, it will feature a sensory garden, musical instruments and quiet areas for those seeking solitude.  The playground will offer the opportunity for imaginative and creative play for all children including those with a disability.  The design team will seek input from the local aboriginal community to ensure that the design includes cultural elements into the play space.

The playground is used by visitors to our Sunbury site as well as being the base for the Our Village Family Daycare playgroup sessions.  We hope that this appealing new space will be a place that not only children will make friends and new connections but their carers and family members too.

The $2 million Sunbury & Bulla Neighbourhood Fund was established by the Victorian Government to support the Sunbury and Bulla communities during the construction of the West Gate Tunnel.   You can read more about the fund and other supported projects on the West Gate Tunnel Project website.