Hear about the issues that young people care about and what they want you to do.


Bailey is a proud First Nations person and a passionate advocate for himself and other students as they navigate secondary schooling.  In his first ever Kid x Plus talk, Bailey presented the case that current measures of success in secondary schooling are flawed, in front of an audience that included the then Minister for Education.


Participating in her third Kid x Plus event, Kara presented an interactive workshop, challenging the audience to consider the discrimination and disempowerment that many young people with a physical disability face in everyday life and how changing how we interact with others can make a difference.


Speaking at his first ever Kid x Plus event, Lachlan made an impassioned and incredibly well researched case for increased education about the health risks associated with vaping among young people.


At 15 years of age, Liam shared his lived experience as someone who has been assessed as being neurodivergent.  Part presentation, part interactive workshop, Liam’s imaginative and fun session challenged us all to consider difference and how we can all be more inclusive.


Rhiannon, a 21 year old biomedical science student completing an honours degree, reflected upon her lived experience of our educational system and challenges us all to measure success not by academic achievement, but by wellbeing.


Ever wanted to know something about tornadoes?  This presentation is for you.  Tommy shared his passion and extensive knowledge of these monstrously powerful weather events.

Brodey and William

Building on the success of last year’s traditional games workshop, Brodey and William introduced the Kid x Plus audience to even more games that have been played by Aboriginal people since before colonisation, explaining their relevance to First Nations peoples’ culture and learning.

How to get involved?

If you want to become involved in Kid x Plus, contact Matt Gleeson on 9744 9516 or email matt.gleeson@scchc.org.au.

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