What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is where you get a worker to help you understand your NDIS choices, organise your services and help you to join in community activities.

They make sure everyone is working together to help you reach the goals in your NDIS plan.

Who is Support Coordination for?

It is available to people over 7 years of age, with an NDIS plan.

To be able to get Support Coordination, it needs to be included in your NDIS plan.

Who can provide Support Coordination?

The NDIS has a list of organisations that can provide Support Coordination. We are one of those organisations.

If you have money in your NDIS plan for Support Coordination, we can provide this service. Support Coordination is delivered independently from other services we offer. We will refer you to the services and providers of your choice.

What do our Support Coordinators do?

  • Work with you to improve your understanding of the NDIS, your plan, accessing the portal and coordinating your supports
  • Help you to carry out and keep track of your NDIS plan
  • Strive to get the best value for your plan
  • Be creative and flexible
  • Connect you with informal community, mainstream and funded supports
  • Attend meetings if you require support with understanding your funding or the NDIS
  • Help you to understand service agreements
  • Review your supports and goals
  • Build your skills and confidence so that you can develop and coordinate your own supports in the future
  • Prepare you for your next planning meeting

Learn more

Call 9744 4455 or email admin@scchc.org.au or enquire using our online form below: