Physiotherapy sessions focus on helping your child participate in their day-to-day functional activities such as getting dressed, sitting at their school desk, joining in sport and participating in family walks and bike rides.

Our Physiotherapists are highly experienced in helping babies, children and young people up to the age of 18 years with a wide range of health conditions and movement disorders.

 Your child might benefit from physiotherapy if they:

  • Feel ‘floppy’ or ‘stiff’ when being held
  • Are not tolerating ‘tummy time’ well by 4 months of age
  • Were born prematurely (before 34 weeks gestation)
  • Have a flat spot on their head or prefer to look to one side
  • Have a delay in achieving physical milestones
  • Are not sitting by 9 months
  • Are not trying to stand up by 12 months
  • Are not walking by 18 months
  • Have an unusual walk or foot posture
  • Have clumsiness with running, jumping or ball skills
  • Have aches or pains with activity or rest
  • Need help with recovery after injury or surgery to improve strength, movement, function and independence
  • Have problems with balance, posture, coordination and general motor skills
  • Have joint, muscle or nerve problems that are causing weakness or pain
  • Have weight and fitness issues
  • Have sports injuries.

Physiotherapists often work with children with neuro-developmental or physical disabilities like cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and genetic syndromes to help them develop or maintain physical and motor skills. They can also screen children for developmental conditions like scoliosis and muscular dystrophy.

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